Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The American Family in Television : Due WEDNESDAY 1/8

1950s Show: Leave it to Beaver
1960s Show: Brady Bunch
2000s Show: Modern Family

While watching the American family from the 50's-Present, write a blog post for each time period that we view a television show for.

While watching the show, you should take notes on the following:
1) the family dynamics
2) roles, functions and norms of the family
3) conflicts within the family or issues the family deals with
4) historical context: how does this family relate to what is happening in America within this time period

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  1. Leave it to Beaver

    - Took place in the 50s. Back then the man would go to work, the kids would go to school, and the wife would a "stay at home mom", by this a mother that would do all the house cleaning and cooking.
    - The episode we watched in class had a problem and a sneaky side to it. Beaver was having trouble with algebra, and his parents knew the whole situation. Beaver's bother's friend changed the letter on beaver's report card from a "D" to a "B". When Beaver's parents found out it was changed they asked Beaver and he had no problem telling them that he didn't change it, yet they didn't believe him at first. Beaver's brother made his friend call Beaver's father and explain the whole thing to him.
    - The solution of the story was that Beaver knew something was wrong and told his parents the truth from the beginning. This family is a small, american, well-fit family that was very close with each other.

    The Brady Bunch

    -Took place in the 60s. This family was a mixed family. The husband was married once and had 3 boys yet they separated, and the wife was married once too and had 3 girls also separated. The husband and the wife got married and had six children 3 boys and 3 girls.
    - The episode we watched in class had a problem, The mother lost her voice before the christmas concert she was supposed to sing in. The big problem was that her youngest daughter still believed in Santa and his magical ways to save people's Christmas's. The youngest daughter asked Santa to give her mother her voice back so she could sing, she didn't want anything but that. This was a problem because Santa didn't know how to fix her voice and he promised her that her mothers voice would be back for Christmas.

    Eight is Enough

    - Took place in the 70s. This wasn't like one of the other families. This family had a wife and a husband and 8 of their own children.
    - The episode we watched in class had a problem with one of their children going to "Juvy" for possession of drugs. The other child was moving out of the house. The Major problem was that with everything going on they needed more money to pay off everything. The doctor bill, the laywer, the house renovations, food shopping, and paying the house bill. The cost of everything was a lot and without enough money to pay it all the struggle of one child moving out is hard for the mother but they move on, and the other struggle with another child having possession of drugs. The problem took time to solve and money would come slowly.

    Married With Children

    - Took place in the 90s. This was a more modern day type of family. The husband went to work, wife went to work, and kids go to school. The wife isn't much of a stay at home mom.
    - The episode we watched in class had a problem this was forgetting their daughter's birthday and being cheated on. The family forget their daughter's birthday but remembers and goes to the movies. Yet at the movies the daughter sees her boyfriend with another girl. The moral of the story is that family comes first and Family is always there for you no matter what. Family is the most important and this family shows it at this situation.

    Modern Family

    - took place in the 2000s. This is the modern day family for now. This family had everyone, every gender, and lovers of the opposite sex.
    - The episode I watched had a problem and this problem was over playing a team who's coach died the night before. A young boy felt that if they lose the other team would be happy because they won for their coach.This kid meant to miss a fieldgoal but he made it and scored the winning point. His team was happy but he felt bad for the other team. The moral of the story is its okay to feel bad for someone but don't let that stop you from doing your best and achieving your goals.