Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blog #5- RADIO & Socialization- (Due Monday 11/4)

In studying socialization we have discussed the importance of acquiring culture, language and thought.  There are a variety of factors that influence our own behavior as well as a number that demonstrate how we impact others.  While watching "Radio" we see a number of relationships and social interactions that occur as a result of our influences from agents of socialization such as family, peer group and school.

Throughout the course of the film, Radio (Cuba Gooding Jr) is a prime example of someone who benefits from the process of socialization.  Discuss in detail how his character's life is affected by both lack of socialization (beginning) and emergence of socialization (middle) and as a product of socialization (end).  Describe scenes and interactions from the movie that highlight Radio's interaction and socialization process. Lastly, write a reaction to your feelings throughout the film. How did you feel about Radio, Coach Jones, the people of Hanna, and the football team?


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  2. In the beginning, Radio's emergence's as young teenager who walks around with a shopping kart collecting anything he could find. At first he seemed very shy, and didn't speak much. In The middle Coach Jones welcomed Radio to the football team with open arms.

    Coach Jones saw that Radio didn't have much so he took care of him most of the time. Some of the football players and parents saw Radio as a retarded kid with no where to go, others saw him as a helpful kid with a good heart.

    Towards the End of the movie during the graduation, everybody loved Radio because they all saw him for who he really was. He made others smile and people thought he was a huge help for the high school.

    Throughout the film Radio was my favorite character because of the way he acted around others, and how he made other people smile and feel good about themselves. Coach Jones was a big help to Radio because, he saw that Radio didn't have anyone to look up to. And Towards the end the movie Coach Jones started to act like if he was Radio's Father because he took good care of him. And every time Radio ran into trouble he was there for him.

  3. In the beginning, Radio is seen as a shy child who collects anything he finds in a shopping cart and walks around with it all day. In the middle of the movie, Radio began to speak a bit more and began to let Coach Jones in on his life. In the end, Radio had learned to socialize with society, to the best of his ability, and society learned that they should fear the unknown, but embrace it.
    Throughout the film i felt sympathetic for Radio whenever he was misunderstood or treated badly, but i was also felt happy when people started to embrace Radio and not mark him as some sort of foreign being. My feelings toward coach Jones stayed the same throughout because for the duration of the movie he had one main goal, to show everyone that Radio is just like us and should be treated equally. As for the people of Hanna and the football team, i was upset that they didn't give radio a chance before judging him, but was glad when they finally accepted him for who he is.