Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blog #5- RADIO & Socialization- (Due Monday 11/4)

In studying socialization we have discussed the importance of acquiring culture, language and thought.  There are a variety of factors that influence our own behavior as well as a number that demonstrate how we impact others.  While watching "Radio" we see a number of relationships and social interactions that occur as a result of our influences from agents of socialization such as family, peer group and school.

Throughout the course of the film, Radio (Cuba Gooding Jr) is a prime example of someone who benefits from the process of socialization.  Discuss in detail how his character's life is affected by both lack of socialization (beginning) and emergence of socialization (middle) and as a product of socialization (end).  Describe scenes and interactions from the movie that highlight Radio's interaction and socialization process. Lastly, write a reaction to your feelings throughout the film. How did you feel about Radio, Coach Jones, the people of Hanna, and the football team?