Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blog #3 - You as Sociologist, Milgram & Society (Due Tuesday 10/1)

In Blog # 3 you will focus on three things: 1) Your outlook on sociological theory, 2)Your feelings on authority, 3) Experimentation as a lesson.  

1) Thinking about the three theories of sociological perspective, discuss in length which theory best applies to your way of thinking about human behavior and our society. Think about how you view events that happen, conversations that occur between friends and enemies, authority figures, etc. 

2) React to the Milgram Experiment. Do you feel that people will obey authority under any circumstances  if it is indeed legal authority or do people's consciences override their ability to follows authoritative demands. Please explain. 

3) React to society today: discuss the problems, issues or concerns that you as an individual have about society today.  Propose 1 way in which you think social problems, such as your example, could be changed or improved upon. How do you think we could teach future generations to work towards positive change in the 21st century?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th (due Friday 9/13)

September 11th, 12 years later, still brings back old feelings and the pride that I feel in being in such a united society.  In sociology, we have the ability to see both the positive and negative of things. No one would argue that this day is never to be forgotten, always to be a reminder of how our dear nation was attacked and put in a state of national tragedy and crisis. The positive side of myself as well as this field of study also gives me a renewed sense of hope and pride and a return to that feeling of unity that so many people shared on that day and the days following. A reminder that even while our nation seeks to argue it out and place blame in our politicians and what is wrong with Washington, that good things still happen in this country and that the strong people that make up our world can continue to move past our greatest challenges, greatest fears and greatest obstacles.

Keeping all of this mind, I ask:

What does 9/11 mean to you? How do you think 9/11 has affected America politically and socially? What are our biggest challenges and best changes? How does life continue to evolve and change as a result of 9/11 and how, perhaps, do you think life in America would be different if it never happened? Did "102 Minutes that Changed America" influence your outlook on 9/11? (Blog #2 Topic)